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Hermetic Center company

Hermetic Center company is one of the main suppliers of professional high-quality building materials in Russia for 13 years. Throughout 13 years Hermetic Center Ltd. has supplied building chemical products and other materials for building industry from Europe, Asia and America. It was the first Russian company which introduced technology of facade structural glazing with usage of adhesives based on silicone material to the market, and it also provides delivering of materials and quality auditing of works performance with the materials’ application.

For the last 10 years this technology has found its use on many objects realized in different cities of Russia. Hermetic Centre Ltd. has successful experience in organizing tenders for contractors. Deliveries are carried out throughout the territory of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and Sakhalin.

The Russian market of construction chemistry is dynamically developing. Our sound experience contributes to introduction of modern construction technologies in Russia. We regularly keep training seminars, advice our corporate customers and average consumers about a proper and efficient application of construction sealants that is a guarantee of long-term cooperation with our business-partners and satisfaction of an end customer with quality of repair and construction works.

Our company:

The offered products have already proved themselves from the best sides:

– permanent high quality

– steady growth of sales

– adherence of consumers in using products supplied by our company.


Many companies in Saint-Petersburg and across Russia already became our partners.


We guarantee an individual professional approach to each task.


    Makrofix 65l, Mastersil 817

  • MakroFix A, B

    siliconized mastic

  • MasterFix ECO


  • MasterFoam

    polyurethane foams