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About company

During 13 years Hermetic Center Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of professional products in building chemistry for the Russian market.

Working with our company, you find not just a supplier of building products, but also a reliable partner with whom you will have 100 % guaranteed success and high profits.

Our company:

  •  provides advertising materials for successful promotion of products;
  •  holds staff training seminars;
  • has options for flexible approach to each customer;
  • offers service “your brand” which includes artworks of private label for your production and packaging.

The represented products already approved themselves from the best sides:

  • permanent high quality;
  • steady growth of sales;
  • loyalty of consumers to products supplied by our company.

Many companies in Saint-Petersburg city and across Russia already became our partners.
We guarantee an individual professional approach to each task risen before Your company.
In addition to offered products, You will always find on our stock a wide range of paints, putties, dry mixtures of domestic and foreign production at the most competitive prices.

We will be glad to become Your confident supplier of building chemistry products and share with Your company our experience that we have acquired during 13 years of working at the Russian market.