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Architecture and civil engineering firms

Limited Liability Company “Germetic centre” works in close cooperation with Russian and foreign architects.

For realization of communication with architectural studios abroad, as well as for the search of new modern construction materials and technologies allowing to reduce the final cost of objects, the company has opened its representation in Latvia.
Main objects utilizing the materials of Dow Corning Concern were executed under the projects of the following organizations:
  • Sergey Choban's Architectural studio
  • Y. Mitiuriaev's Architectural studio
  • "Eugeny Gerasimov and associates" Architectural studio
  • "Design office AE-1"
  • A. Len's design and production company
  • Architectural studio "Reinberg and Sharov"
  • Architectural studio "Меganom Project"
  • Architectural studio "Studio 44"
  • A. Asadov's Architectural studio
  • Architectural studio "Аrxkon"
  • Architectural studio "Alexandrov and associates"